Saturday, February 5, 2011

I concluded, my computer is asexual (or engaged with something else).

Just noticed the following as a friend's facebook status update.
Is Your Computer a Boy or a Girl?

It’s pretty easy to find out what gender your computer is.

Follow the instructions.
1) Open your notepad
2) Type or copy paste: CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love you"
3) Save as computer_sex.vbs
4) Run the file. (just double click)

If you hear a male voice, congratulations, you have a boy if woman’s, well, it’s a girl.

I have a baby boy :)

What about you?

So I opened my gedit editor, and copy-pasted, and saved it in the desktop of my Ubuntu machine, and double clicked it. Instead of *saying* anything, it just opened the file in another gedit window with the warning header,
"This file (/home/pradeeban/Desktop/computer_sex.vbs) is already open in another gedit window. gedit opened this instance of the file in a non-editable way. Do you want to edit it anyway?"

I concluded, my computer is asexual or engaged with some other stuff (already open in another.. ;)).

Wait; at least you could have mentioned the fact that your sex-trick works only on a windows machine.. :D


  1. May be need to flirt more. "just double click" won't be enough IMO! :D

  2. Oh... no expertise, just common-sense! :P

  3. oh! common sense about some high-maintenance stuff? ;)

  4. Oh consultation; I charge for that! (In other words, I didn't get what you just said!) :P

  5. seems getting what computer says is far much easier than what people say.. wdyt? :P

  6. Agreed. But computers, tend to scare me sometimes, by scolding me with hundreds of lines... :)

  7. how's that scary? I love it. You just say "sudo" to her, and she gives you admin rights! :D

    ( Hope you know what sudo means in Sinhalese! It's a word boys use to call their gf in lovely manner! :P )

  8. Oh my, you know Sinhala pretty well, huh! :)
    I can read and write Tamil, but don't have any idea about what I'm reading or writing. Should improve on that!

  9. yes, I can, pretty well. Did for O/L and got an 'S'.. moreover, thanks to Denis et al. :D


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