Sunday, May 3, 2009

Computing for all

I have recently started to translate Abiword to ta-LK. It should also be noted that ta-IN already exists for Abiword. So in a language point of view, a Tamil localized form of Abiword can be found. But still ta-LK has some clear differences from ta-IN and follows different standards. In case if a Sinhala translation for Abiword starts in a near future, I hope, we can think of making Abiword the national localized word processor of Sri Lanka.

Yesterday I attended the LAKAPPS fellowship event, which was organized to mark the success of the LAKAPPS team, in the concept "Computing in Sri Lankan languages." Abiword with the adaptability to the OLPC system, suits the position in localized computing for rural community. I wish LAKAPPS team will go forward in its effort for a better computing for all Sri Lankans.

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