Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tracker Applet

Tracker Applet.
"There was an error while performing indexing: Index corrupted."

Since I upgraded to Ubuntu jaunty (9.04) from 8.10, I am getting the above message frequently. Which will stay there, asking for an indexing, where it will never disappear even if we positively respond to its query. So regardless of our response, this message thingy will be popping up again and again.

I found a temporary solution for this well known bug from web.
sudo apt-get install tracker-utils
tracker-processes -r # --hard-reset

This bug was not appearing after that for a long time, but appeared again today!
Had to do tracker-processes -r # --hard-reset again.

The terminal output follows:

pradeeban@pradeeban:~/c$ tracker-processes -r # --hard-reset
Found 157 pids...
Found process ID 3742 for 'tracker-applet'
Killed process 3742
Found process ID 3827 for 'tracker-indexer'
Killed process 3827
Found process ID 8746 for 'trackerd'
Killed process 8746
Setting database locations
Checking database directories exist
Checking database version
Checking database files exist
Removing all database files
Removing database:'/home/pradeeban/.local/share/tracker/data/common.db'
Removing database:'/tmp/tracker-pradeeban/cache.db'
Removing database:'/home/pradeeban/.cache/tracker/file-meta.db'
Removing database:'/home/pradeeban/.cache/tracker/file-fulltext.db'
Removing database:'/home/pradeeban/.cache/tracker/file-contents.db'
Removing database:'/home/pradeeban/.cache/tracker/email-meta.db'
Removing database:'/home/pradeeban/.cache/tracker/email-fulltext.db'
Removing database:'/home/pradeeban/.cache/tracker/email-contents.db'
Setting index database locations
Checking index directories exist
Checking index files exist
Removing all database index files
Removing database index:'/home/pradeeban/.cache/tracker/file-index.db'
Removing database index:'/home/pradeeban/.cache/tracker/email-index.db'

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