Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to build Abiword for Windows from the source

Now you have two options that are working and tested.
1. Cross-building
2. MSVC2008

1. The traditional cross-building using wine has been tested for Ubuntu 8.04 / 8.10 / 9.04.
Details can be found here.
Dependencies packed by robsta (here, or here(same copy))

When cross-building with the above dependency pack, it will demand libtool, automake, and fribidi, unless you already have them installed in your Ubuntu. A simple sudo apt-get install of these three will solve the issue (for Ubuntu).

2. With uwog's continuous effort, Microsoft visual C++ 2008 build has been made stable and complete. Just checkout and build using MSVS2008. (Express Edition 2008 is fine).

Seems these two options are in a higher demand than the traditional MinGW/MinSYS building, nowadays! The MSVC build is, surely going to grab more Windows developers into the Abiword community.

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