Saturday, September 12, 2009

Modules Registration

Registrations for our subject modules are done online through Learning management system (LMS). Basically we will be anxiously waiting for the moment to click the 'Enroll' button for our preferred modules as the Module registration is about to begin. Some subjects have more demand than the supply, where some modules do not have such limitations of head count. In level 2, we had CS3300 Image Processing, where only 60 slots were allocated whilst we are 100 in number. We faced more competition for level 2 June term subjects, as those subjects are common for all the departments of the Engineering faculty.

There exists rules such as minimum 6 credits from the Management department and 10 credits from the other departments, for level 3 and level 4. Literally we test the response time and the efficiency of the browsers at this time. I always prefer and use Mozilla Firefox (ff3), while some prefer Safari and Google Chrome. At the time of registration, LMS failures are not so rare, due to the overload of the server. Just like a denial of service attack. :)

We never fail to disable the browser cache [1],[2] of the browser before the registration begins. However we set the values to default or the standard immediately after the registration, to avoid delayed response of the browser.

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