Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's really exciting to start working with Google Summer of Codes for the second time. I had an interest in applying for OMII even for my GSoC 2009, as mentioned in the post "my summer of codes so far" since Taverna and OGSA matched my experience during the internship, where I later applied for Abiword due to my personal interest in Abiword and the project. So this time I didn't have to spend much time to choose OMII and particularly OGSA-DAI. 

After a considerable amount of research myself, and with the assistance of the OMII developers for OGSA-DAI project, Mr.Bartosz Dobrzelecki (bartek) and Dr.Mario Antonioletti (mario) from the University of Edinburgh, I applied for the project "Alternative presentation layers for OGSA-DAI" on 8th of April, where the application deadline was on 9th of April.

I was given access to the ogsa-dai private developer irc on 15th of April, as well as Michal - the candidate for the project "Re-implementation of the OGSA-DAI Distributed Query Processor in Clojure." This has given us an opportunity to interact with the developers well before the "Community Bonding Period" which begins on 26th of April, along with the official announcement of the successful applicants.

OGSA-DAI can be checked out from its svn location. svn co My code will be committed to the trunk ogsa-dai/trunk/presentation/cxf. The presentation layer code stays in ogsa-dai/trunk/presentation/, where WSDLs are inside the folder wsdl and the currrent axis presentation layer is inside the folder axis. Hoping a Summer of Love with OMII/OGSA-DAI starting in a very few days, with the hope that University of Moratuwa will lead the GSoC participant count for the forth time (2007 - 22, 2008 - 24, and 2009 -22). Hope to keep blogging my progress on the project here.

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