Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Timeline: Community Bonding

April 26th 1900 UTC the names of the accepted projects were announced, and the community bonding period began. Since I have been given svn, blog [1], and the wiki [2] access on 30th of April, I wrote down the timeline in a wiki page of OGSA-DAI. I will record the further project progress and decisions in the ogsa-dai wiki. Tickets will be created for each task that is specified in my proposal using Trac - an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system, used by ogsa-dai project, which I will mark as resolved with the progress.

[1] OGSA-DAI Blog
[2] AlternativePresentationLayers 
[4] The Java API for RESTful Web Services
[5] Governance Model 
[6] Part VI. OGSA-DAI for server developers
[7] Part II. Getting Started
[8] Coding Guidelines - OGSA-DAI

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