Monday, June 21, 2010

Mooshabaya - The Story..

Dr. Malinga is a scientist interested in e-Science researches. He predicts the weather by analyzing the data collected over the grid. Dr. Malinga uses workflow domain to analyze the scenario, and comes up with workflows that describe the rapidly changing atmospheric conditions. He executes the workflows in his workflow system and monitors them at run time. In this process, he also wants to secure some of the services from unauthorized access.

He is looking for a much light weight model to prototype the scenario rapidly. So he can avoid learning the XML technologies or the workflow languages such as BPEL, which takes a lot of time. He is interested in using yahoo geocode and similar web based APIs. He also prefers to integrate real time data collected via satellite feeds and feeds from the other sources into his system of workflows.

Mashup creates new services by aggregating two or more sources. We can develop them rapidly using the APIs, without investing much on learning them. They are light weight and can be extended easily.

As a solution for the scientist, Mooshabaya comes as a system that can utilize the best of both the domains, by a potential merge. By exporting workflows as mashups Mooshabaya invests on the synergy of the domains.

In the process of developing the workflow system, we have used the known existing tools as the base. XBaya Graphical Workflow Composer from Indiana University is used as the core of the system. We have extended XBaya to export the workflows as mashups, and the mashups are deployed into WSO2 Mashup Server. The service metadata are fetched from WSO2 Governance Registry. The composed mashups are executed in the Mashup server and monitored in the run time.

Here we come back to Dr.Malinga with Mooshabaya. Mooshabaya discovers the service metadata from Governance Registry and fetches them. Created workflows can be saved and fetched later. Workflows are exported as Mashups. Respective service metadata is added to the Registry, while the mashups are deployed into Mashup Server. Mooshabaya also supports composing with secure services found in WSO2 Identity Server. Mooshabaya executes the workflows that are deployed into Mashup Server as mashups. WS-Messenger is used to publish the notifications from the executed workflows, and Mooshabaya monitors the execution by subscribing to the notifications. Hence Mooshabaya provides a better workflow solution for the scientist.

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