Sunday, June 20, 2010

OGSA-DAI ~Presenting in CXF~ (2)

During this week I have been working on the server module, and committed them with the unit tests, though some more commits are remaining.

CXF-Compliant implementation of OGSA-DAI WS-EPR resolver portType operations is done in the commit 1189. Unit tests for the server module - 1190 becomes the first commit on the tests. Removed NStoPkgProperties from the build file, as it is irrelevant for CXF stub generation. in the commit 1205. As of the commit 1206 - which commits the files of the server module, the server module is fixed with some todos left.

After completing the client module and testing, will have to start implementing the Resource Oritented Architecture - Exposing the services as resources and the ReSTful presentation layer utilizing JAX-RS implementation of CXF. We decided to start discussions and design of the ReSTful layer, by mid of this week parallel to the SOAP based layer, as that will make the timeline more efficient.

[1] Test Reports 20/06/2010 22:06:14 : daitest
[2] Unit Test Results
[3] The Test Framework

I got the welcome package on June  19th - 2 Stickers, a pen, and a note book, along with the card. Special Thanks - OGSA-DAI, OMII-UK, and Google.

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