Monday, June 7, 2010

OGSA-DAI ~Presenting in CXF~

Coding has started to accelerate. Revision 1065 customizes the built-in JAXB mapping, by an external binding file. This changes the default mapping of xs:dateTime from XMLGregorianCalendar to java.util.Calendar. For the ease of further commits, I added the respective client and server implementation folder structure in the commit 1066 along with the utility class CXFUtils.

1069 extends the Request Status Builder for the cxf client. 1070 includes the utility methods for handling the exceptions for the client toolkit. 1076 was an interesting  [ ;) ] fix, which fixes some years which I overlooked.

As with the common case of CXF stub generation, Lists are generated instead of arrays.
An example is,
-  final DataType[] inputData = inputBean.getInputLiteral();
+  final DataType[] inputData = inputBean.getInputLiteral().toArray(new DataType[inputBean.getInputLiteral().size()]);

 -              inputType.setInputLiteral(mCurrentData.getDataTypeArray());
+           inputType.getInputLiteral().clear();
+           inputType.getInputLiteral().addAll(Arrays.asList(mCurrentData.getDataTypeArray()));

1093 fixes some issues in an earlier commit related to this.

1094 and 1095 includes the CXF compliant Request management and Session Management Services respectively. 1096 is the CXF implementation of  the WS-ResourceLifetime portType operations.
1118 includes classes in execution/workflows. 
Classes in execution/Worflows.

Considerable changes in the stub generation includes,
(1) Inner class InputsType.Input replaces the class InputsTypeInput.
(2) Getters of the list returns a reference to the live list, not a snapshot. Hence to an item, getOutputStream().add(newItem);
from the method  public List getOutputStream() in OutputsType class.

(3) Regarding the generated fault types, in case of Axis, it was in the format of XXXType from the stub which needed to be used in the code, in cxf stubs, we have XXXTypes associated with XXX, where XXX from the stub is used in the code. [XXX denotes the faults.]

These changes in the stub code are reflected in the respective server side code.

1119 - The CXF implementation of Request Builder implementation. 1122, handles the AddressingUtils, which parses the SOAP Message Header.

public class AddressingUtils

    private static WebServiceContext context;

        SOAPMessageContext soapMsgContext = (SOAPMessageContext) context.getMessageContext();
        SOAPEnvelope envelope = soapMsgContext.getMessage().getSOAPPart().getEnvelope();

Commit 1128 defines CXF_MESSAGE_CONTEXT_ERROR. Commits 1144, 1154, and 1173 are for the cxf compliant data sink service, execution, and data resource information services, while 1161 and 1162 implement the data source and intrinsics  portType operations. 1159 is for the initialization class for CXF-compliant presentation layers, which is being modified at the moment. 1172 does some minor fixes in the exceptions thrown.

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