Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mid evaluations with the cute hexapus!

Mid evaluation is on the way today evening, while we have done the initial design of ReSTful presentation layer, and towards the completion of the SOAP based layer. Web Application Description Language (WADL), which is said to be the ReST equivalent to WSDL of SOAP, paired with JAX-RS supported by CXF will serve us in this. WADL2Java tool for the stub generation is worth mentioning here. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA) all sound good. Again feeling the need for a wsdl2wadl tool [1] (and a wadl2wsdl ;)).

WADL is becoming the standard (if not already) for REST as WSDL for SOAP, though REST with WSDL2.0 too is possible. "CXF JAX-RS now supports the auto-generation of WADL for JAX-RS endpoints. [2]" I was initially planning to write WADL on my own, by referring to the respective WSDL (and then use wadl2java for the stub generation). Finally felt auto-generation from JAX-RS is a smarter option, where we start from Java to WADL and after fine tuning the WADL that is auto-generated from the JAX-RS endpoints, going back to the java code using wadl2java (as thought initially).

[1] "Modelling Web-Oriented Architectures", by G.Thies and G.Vossen
[4] SOAPUI - Working with REST Services. 
[5] #rest on
[6] wadl2java  
[7] MYEclipse - Developing REST Web Services Tutorial
[8] Chapter 13. How requests (workflows) are executed
[9] OGSA-DAI 4.0 Axis Documentation
[10] The Client Toolkit Tutorial
[11] JAX-RS (JSR-311)

 * Hexapus refers to the logo of ogsa-dai.

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