Friday, July 23, 2010

OGSA-DAI ~Presenting in CXF~ (4)

Build Scripts - Release Builds
Build files and CXF web.xml for the release build of OGSA-DAI/CXF/JAX-WS are committed in the revision 1273. 1281 adds Spring aop (Aspect Oriented Programming) as a dependency for cxf/server module.

OGSA-DAI/CXF deployed in Tomcat

More modifications in the release script, towards deploying in Tomcat (currently testing with Apache Tomcat 6.0.24) are done in the revisions 1282 and 1283. Listing all the 6 OGSA-DAI (SOAP) Services in http://localhost:8080/dai/services. The functionality provided by the package will be handled more for CXF layers here.
OGSA-DAI SOAP Services along with the operations are tabulated here (in DOC format  and PDF format). These tables are drawn from the service listing of OGSA-DAI deployed in Tomcat (refer to the images).
1274 - ReSTful Presentation Layer code development based on JAX-RS/CXF. Committed the folder.

1277 is a minor fix that adds log4j as a dependency in the cxf/server module build, which fixed the odd java fork failure in the test framework, due to the Logger class not found exception [1],[2].
Fixes to Base64 Tests will follow.
Details of CXF based layer to be added here.

[1] Test Results (Currently) [2] Test Framework

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