Saturday, July 3, 2010

OGSA-DAI ~Presenting in CXF~ (3)

Resource Oriented Architecture
While focusing on the SOAP based layer implementation, we also had the first formal discussion on the design of ReSTful presentation layer, this week. I was able to join the discussion via skype, and took down notes, which were also summarized to the committer list by my mentor Ally Hume.

More development
When considering the implementation and the commits, commit 1232 is CXFServer, which is the access point of OGSA-DAI service/resource proxies for OGSA-DAI CXF services. client/toolkit/presentation/cxf/ - A place for the client side resources, is committed in 1244, which is still being modified. CXF implementation of DataRequestExecutionResource, CXFDataSinkResource, and CXFDataSourceResource are committed in the revisions 1245, 1247, and 1248 respectively.

1250 is literally an insignificant. But I couldn't resist committing this, as I am 'worried' to see the cxf/client module being broken at the test server. So let it build happily till the complete fix is committed, which makes all sub-modules of the module presentation being built without any issue. During this period, I also refactored the code to have column width of 80, to fit the ogsa-dai coding standard. My usual column width was 120. 1261 becomes the first commit towards the cxf binary release, by including the ogsa-dai/cxf release script. Building the distribution is fine. Deploying to Tomcat from the that is built, still need to be fixed, obviously. Commit 1263 uncomments the cxf/server module from the trunk's build, as it is not failing anymore.

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