Saturday, June 25, 2011

Being a mail star.. :D

So it was a huge collection of unread mail. Today I took some time to read through the 1000s of them. Nevertheless it feels so robotic, having an inbox with a few hundred thousands of mail - 80% mail from IT-groups, svn, etc, 10% fun mail from friends bulk sent, 5% spam/scam/hoax, 5% other group mails. No personal mail at all, almost. Regardless of the fact that I have proper mail filters, I have also missed some interesting mails with valuable information long time, it seems. Nothing personal though.

The Arpanet dialogues dated back to 1975 - This archive of Arpanet dialogues  provides the initial conversations between Marcel Broodthaers, Jane Fonda, Ronald Reagan & Edward Said and Samir Amin, Steve Biko, Francis Fukuyama & Minoru Yamasaki. It is good to notice that Sri Lanka was mentioned in their first conversation. :)

At an interview, 
The interviewer says, "Our work environment expects you to work 24/7. We do not provide you with any casual leave, unless given a medical evidence or a police report. You should also be ready to work on holidays. You should be on time to office and should be strictly on formal kit, always." 
The interviewee smiles, "Sir, I suit your job much."
"Are you confident?, Why do you say so?" asks the interviewer.
"Yes Sir, I am a masochist."
"There! You are selected"..

My mail box is funny.. :D

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