Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fixing 'Too many open files' issue in Load Balancer

When load balancing a production system like Stratos with heavy load of requests, or while load testing it, you may face a 'Too many open files' issue as below.

[2011-06-09 20:48:31,852]  WARN - HttpCoreNIOListener System may be unstable: IOReactor encountered a checked exception : Too many open files Too many open files
    at Method)
    at org.apache.http.impl.nio.reactor.DefaultListeningIOReactor.processEvent(
    at org.apache.http.impl.nio.reactor.DefaultListeningIOReactor.processEvents(
    at org.apache.http.impl.nio.reactor.AbstractMultiworkerIOReactor.execute(
    at org.apache.synapse.transport.nhttp.HttpCoreNIOListener$

This is a common exception in load balancer, if the maximum allowed files  (ulimit) to be open is set to low.
You can get the number by, ulimit -Sn. By default it can be as low as 1024 for your desktop, server, or the ec2 instance. You can fix the above exception by increasing the ulimit by giving a higher value (given 655350 here).
ulimit -n 655350
This will fix the above issue.


  1. setting value of ulimit -n to a higher value however can affect overall performance of the ec2 instance. did you try doing any research on how setting ulimit to a higher value can affect overall performance ?

  2. Hi Abhimanyu,
    Setting the limit to very high or unlimited might potentially has the risk of the user exhausting all the available system resources and even might lead to a system failure as you suspect, as ulimit is a per-user configuration. It should be tuned for serving a particular daemon.

    It should be chosen wisely, such that it is not too low to throw this error, while not unlimited to affect the overall stability. In my case, I was working with a single user system, and the chances of this limit being violated is pretty low.



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