Sunday, June 19, 2011

WSO2 Load Balancer

WSO2 Load Balancer (LB) is yet another upcoming product from WSO2. WSO2 Load Balancer is currently a stripped down version of WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) containing the load balancing and auto scaling features of WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus. Eventually, the tenant aware load balancing components and the other load balancer specific features will be added, making Load Balancer an attractive new product. WSO2 Load Balancer to be used as the Load Balancer for WSO2 Stratos - 1.5.0 Public cloud deployment - StratosLive.

WSO2 Load Balancer profile can be found here (trunk) and here (branch-1.0.0) in WSO2 SVN repository. One of the recent release candidates of WSO2 Load Balancer can be found here. Wait for yet another fascinating product from WSO2.

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