Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chat with a Skype Scam Bot..

Once in a while, I am added by Skype bots. A Skype bot is a script that adds multiple accounts in bulk. The motivation of these bots is to earn money by using click or referral marketing. The bot will pretend as a human, and make the victims click some links. Sometimes, Skype bots can be used for identity thefts and to rob money from the credit cards of the victims. I had a not-so-interesting chat with a Skype bot. The bot added me. I knew it was a bot from the beginning. But just kept the conversation so that I can make it into this blog post. :P 

Be careful with this bot (mega.fresh7) or any other random Skype accounts. They are mostly just scripts with no real human. They just exploit the greed and lust of the victims for their own benefit.

 Segunda-feira, 13 de Outubro de 2014
[20:57:31] mega.fresh7: hi there :)
[22:30:40] mega.fresh7: heyy :)
 Terça-feira, 14 de Outubro de 2014
[10:50:25] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: Hi
[10:50:53] mega.fresh7: (wave) hey...i saw your profile on the new skype app...i hope you don't mind me adding you? 23/f here u?
[12:43:18] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: ok. no prob
[12:43:44] mega.fresh7: im busy studying, i hate it sometimes it gets so boring. what are you up to? :)
[12:43:58] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: I am busy studying too
[12:44:26] mega.fresh7: lol im studying for my bachelors in psychology...its really hard...need a break tho! you ever chat on cam?
[12:44:53] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: Not much. Recommend me a text book in psychology, please?
[12:45:00] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: would like to read during the free time.
[12:45:21] mega.fresh7: it can be fun i love meeting new people on cam chat, you ever been on this new video chat site?  it has all sorts of cool effects and stuff lol (cool)
[12:45:56] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: No. I am not into video chat. Just recommend me a book in psychology to read.
[12:46:23] mega.fresh7: i think i will just put on a camisole and a thong then =) i think u will like it?? i hope atleast... :x
[12:46:42] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: No. Stop this bullshit.
[12:47:04] mega.fresh7: [SCAM LINK REMOVED] lol go here do u see my cam?
[12:47:27] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: Stop chatting to me. Otherwise, I will report you to Skype
[12:47:44] mega.fresh7: pleaaase...  whatever!  byeeeeee
[12:47:56] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: bye
[12:48:25] mega.fresh7: Well if you must leave... tell ya what if ya want to see me later on my cam goto [SCAM LINK REMOVED] just accept my cam invite..  Its Fast and easy..  we'll prolly be online for the rest of the day so you can go and see me on my cam.  Take care
[12:49:08] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: No thanks. bye.
[12:49:29] mega.fresh7: no worries..thouhght u wanted to see me naked ..:)
[12:49:44] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: No thanks. bye.
[12:50:56] mega.fresh7: oh, i think you might have to fill out some stuff...everyone gets verified as being real on here, keeps the creepy people away!!! lol :x
[12:51:20] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: Stop sending stupid things to me. OKAY?
[12:51:48] mega.fresh7: k, yea i had to do the cc part too  =( that how i got my profile verified as real (kiss) u don't get charged, its free. did u get in?
[12:52:15] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: No. You creepy robot. get lost.
[12:52:36] mega.fresh7: what are we playing terminator roles?? lolz
[12:52:53] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: STOP
[12:53:21] mega.fresh7: k let me know when your signed in so i can send u some "private time" loving! (kiss) mmm
[12:53:43] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: .
[12:54:01] mega.fresh7: please come...im waiting!!
[12:54:06] Pradeeban Kathiravelu: .

From the chat log, it is obvious that there is no real human behind the bot. The bot is not smart either, as it could not answer simple queries. A.L.I.C.E. is much better!

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