Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dimensions of Time

The summer in Stockholm was long and pleasant
I was reading an interesting study on Erasmus exchange programs. It states, "Not only do former Erasmus students have better employability skills than 70% of all students. What’s more, 27% of Erasmus alumni met their current life partner during their stay abroad, according to the recent Erasmus Impact Study." Go ahead and read the full report. ;) Thanks to the Erasmus Mundus, I have called Lisbon and Stockholm my homes. Of course, the definition of home has become pretty vague lately. The memories I had for the last two years were remarkably interesting.

Time is an interesting element. When we experience the same location after a long time, we feel like travelled through time. Today, the moment when I sit down at FA1, Instituto Superior Técnico after a long time (after around 1.5 years), for a lecture, remembering the legendary moments of EMDC (European Master in Distributed Computing) and Virtual Execution Module. I am sure I will feel the same when I return to Sweden/KTH for the second part of my PhD.

Most of the airports currently provide free Internet for a limited time, such as an hour per device. Since I usually have 3 devices with me during the travels (a laptop, a tab, and a phone), I always get 3x time. :D My devices remember the wifi networks that they have connected to. It is always interesting to view them - they are from universities, airports, hostels, hotels, homes/apartments in Colombo, Lisbon, and Stockholm, and cafes with Internet! They are the logs of the places that I have visited, the lands that host my homes, and my journeys between the destinations. Wish everyone offer unlimited Internet.

Today we got an update regarding the schools participated in Google Summer of Code 2014 (GSoC 2014), from Google. "For the first time in seven years a new school has claimed the top spot—congratulations to International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad."

Time has its own dimensions. It is interesting to see how many things change in life and technology. I am sure that the world is becoming a better place to live. I hope I am not being over-optimistic. :)

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