Thursday, October 9, 2014

A log of my computers and my blog posts..

My current laptop in my desk at home
My first desktop computer in 2006 had a dual boot of Windows XP and Mandrake Linux, in just a 40 GB hard disk. I allocated 10 GB for Linux, as Windows was my primary operating system by then. In 256 MB memory. It ran pretty well. The Internet connectivity I got from Suntel was not so good, and was expensive at times. Each time we got a phone call, the modem disconnects the data and I had to be offline till the phone call terminates. I was able to manage with this till 2009, and it was pretty much enough for me. With memory, CPU, and virtually all the important elements replaced over time, the desktop is still somehow alive. I used to have floppy disks of 1.44 MB to have some documents with me. Also, my first pen drive by then was 256 MB.

Then in 2009, I moved to Ubuntu, with my new laptop. It had a 2 GB memory. It actually works even now without any changes in memory, CPU, battery, or any other component, though pretty slow as the current applications require a much larger memory. I stopped using Windows altogether, becoming an open source evangelist. :D

On the 11th of February, I bought my current laptop HP Envy, Intel® Core i7-4700MQ CPU @2.40GHz × 8 processor, 8 GB memory, with a 1 TB hard disk. It came with a Windows 8 (Which I later upgraded to 8.1), which made me have dual boot again. Still having Ubuntu 14.04 as the primary operating system, where Windows remains idling rarely being used. This seems pretty much enough for now; but I am sure it will look terribly small after 2 or 3 years, just how it feels when I think of the days of 256 MB RAM, and the 56 k bandwidths. Today I built OpenDay Light modules, and it takes a whole 13.7 GB with everything built and configured from source code. It would have been 1/3 of my hard disk for my first computer. :D 
My Internet Presence
If Google is strong enough to overcome the forces of future and keep the Blogger platform active, I will be able to see this post from a day from future and see how the things were in the past, during the year 2014 and before. :) As of now, Google (Gmail and Blogger), Facebook, and LinkedIn are three important platforms that I have invested my time on, to create a web presence. If one of them disappears in the future, that will be a loss for me (as well as many other users out there, I presume). I have done some serious blogging in 2009, 2011, and 2012. Relatively, my blogging activity has been much slower in 2010, 2013, and 2014. Hope it will improve in 2015. 

Given below are the 10-most viewed posts from this blog, along with the dates that they were originally published. I should admit that the blog views do not represent how much effort I put in writing these posts. However, I am happy that some people have found these posts useful.

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