Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SDS/IC2E 2015 - An Expressive Simulator for Dynamic Network Flows

2nd IEEE International Workshop on Software Defined Systems (SDS -2015) was held at the Arizona State University Tempe Campus, USA in conjunction with 2015 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E 2015) from 09-12 March 2015. I presented my paper titled, "An Expressive Simulator for Dynamic Network Flows". The presentation slides and abstract are given below.

Abstract -
Software-defined networking (SDN) increases the network programmability, promoting an effective development of networked systems of cloud scale. As the scale of the networks and systems is growing larger and larger with time, programmability of the systems and networks is researched intensively. Many emulators are proposed and implemented to emulate large and complex networks inside a single computer, or a cluster of computers in the research lab. However, the emulators lack the ability to represent large systems such as data center networks or content delivery networks. Many of the network algorithms and design choices can also be tested for their functionality and efficiency in a simulator environment. While network emulators and simulators exist, a generic network flow simulator that is easy to program a variety of highly distributed and gigantic systems is still lacking. This paper presents xSDN , an expressive simulator for dynnamic network flows. Adhering to the principles of software-defined networking paradigm from the design, xSDN focuses to be lean, light-weight, easy to learn and configure, and efficient, that can simulate networks of a scale of million nodes within a few seconds.

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