Saturday, August 8, 2015

Information flow..

Poster on DPRK in Ljubljana.
So I happened to check my ClustrMaps recently, and it was nice to see some dots/visitors from countries including Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (KP) and Holy See (Vatican City State) (VA). While there is a possibility that there can be a misrepresentation due to the use of proxies such as, I believe it is not the case for the majority. 

It is amazing to notice how the information flows faster than our own selves. I have even learned the names of a few of the countries just from the blog visitors' list shown in the Blogger admin panel and ClustrMaps. For example, countries such as Bahamas (BS) and Belize (BZ). While I would like to visit all the countries eventually, I am genuinely happy that at least some of my thoughts have reached almost all the countries in the form of the blog posts.

North Korea is surely a country in my list to visit. When I was in Ljubljana, I noticed an advertisement poster for a photography exhibition with photos from North Korea. Again the information flow is amazing, to have reached Europe from one of the far Asian countries, that is not much connected to the outside.

Recently the majority of the comments my blog posts received were just spam comments, often with supportive sentences (such as "Nice post; thanks for sharing") followed by an array of unrelated spam links. I hope one day the comments will be more informative and involving, to create a constructive communication over the topic. At least I prefer a meaningful communication, instead of spamming with unrelated links everywhere on the Internet.

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