Thursday, August 13, 2015

[KDD 2015] MEDIator: A Data Sharing Synchronization Platform for Heterogeneous Medical Image Archives

One of my recent papers, "MEDIator: A Data Sharing Synchronization Platform for Heterogeneous Medical Image Archives" was presented at a KDD workshop this week in Sydney.

I could not present the paper myself at KDD, as my Australian visa was delayed. Luckily, my friend Denis who lives in Sydney helped me by presenting the paper. Much thanks to him!

With the growing adaptation of pervasive computing into medical domain and increasingly open access to data, metadata stored in medical image archives and legacy data stores is shared and synchronized across multiple devices of data consumers. While many medical image sources provide APIs for public access, an architecture that orchestrates an effective sharing and synchronization of metadata across multiple users, from different storage media and data sources, is still lacking. This paper presents MEDIator, a data sharing and synchronization middleware platform for heterogeneous medical image archives. MEDIator allows sharing pointers to medical data efficiently, while letting the consumers manipulate the pointers without modifying the raw medical data. MEDIator has been implemented for multiple data sources, including Amazon S3, The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA), caMicroscope , and metadata from CSV files for cancer images.

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