Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A lunch can never get unhealthier

The lunch at Trst, Italy
I am a big fan of summer. Most probably because I live in a country where the summer is sunny and pleasant, where winter and autumn are cold and wet. Spring is just the anticipation to summer. We never really have well-defined seasons in Sri Lanka, unlike Europe. It is easier to remember the events with the right month that happened thanks to the seasons.

This summer was considerably hot in this part of Europe. I came to Europe for my masters program EMDC, when the summer was almost finishing, in 2012. I was in Sri Lanka during most part of the 2013 summer. I was in Europe for 2014 summer completely, completing my EMDC and beginning my PhD, EMJD-DC. So in fact, 2015 was just my second complete summer in Europe.

My short trip to Trst, Italy was remarkable. It was terribly hot in Trst. I never thought that I would experience a weather hotter than Colombo, in Europe. I was proven wrong. I am not a fan of Italian food. I however was eating all unhealthy food and ice cream during my short trip. :)

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