Thursday, September 3, 2015


View from the apartment in Rijeka
I often find it hard to fix my mind on whether to visit a new place, or a place that I have visited and enjoyed a lot once more. I visited Stockholm for the 3rd time recently for the EMDC Summer Event 2015. That was the last EMDC event as 2014 was the last intake of EMDC. I stayed in Stockholm for just 4.5 months. Still it left very nice memories, and going back early this summer in May and now again in August gave life to strong memories of 2013.

So far I have lived in Colombo, Lisbon, and Stockholm. Since I am still in Lisbon, I do not miss it right now. I also have lived in Rijeka, Croatia for 22 days. Though that was a very short period, I had a routine life with cooking, working, and going to the nearest super market. I also had some time to travel during the weekends, to the nearest cities. It was a short-stay. But Rijeka is clearly recorded in my mind. In the future, if I ever go back to Rijeka, I will get the memories back. I do not think I will ever go back to Rijeka, as I do not foresee the reason. But I cannot say for sure. In 2013, I never would have guessed that I would go back to Fejan in 2015 for another summer event.

My memories of Croatia includes working with my computer with the noise of frogs, while sitting outside the University of Rijeka in the stair case, in the mid night! They just close the faculty by 10 pm, and I did not have internet connection in my big and beautiful apartment (that was supposed to be a professors apartment. The topmost floor of the students' dormitory. Loved it). All the COST actions of the same program are listed here, including mine.

During my second trip to Stockholm, I did not pay a visit to KTH main campus. This time, I did. However, I did not visit Kista even this time. Kista is where I lived during my stay of 4.5 months in Stockholm. I stayed in the student apartments in the upper floors above a shopping mall.

In 2013, I came back to Lisbon two times for short trips, from Stockholm. In 2015, it is from Lisbon to Stockholm, two times. I admire the random patterns that appear in my life.

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