Thursday, May 12, 2016

Configuring Kong with Cassandra

Install Kong

Install Cassandra

You may need to install Cassandra Driver

pip install --pre cassandra-driver

pip install --pre --upgrade cassandra-driver

Kong does not work with apache-cassandra-3.x as of now.

root@llovizna:/usr/bin# kong start
[INFO] kong 0.8.1
[INFO] Using configuration: /etc/kong/kong.yml
[INFO] Setting working directory to /usr/local/kong
[INFO] database...........cassandra contact_points= data_centers= ssl=verify=false enabled=false port=9042 timeout=5000 replication_strategy=SimpleStrategy keyspace=kong replication_factor=1 consistency=ONE
[INFO] Leaving cluster..
[ERR] [Invalid] unconfigured table schema_keyspaces
[ERR] Could not start Kong

It does work well with

Install and start the kong-dashboard for an interactive GUI.
npm start

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