Friday, August 5, 2016

The new laptop and the elephant speaker..

The new Asus laptop and the elephant speaker
Being a student volunteer in a conference was a remarkable experience. I was able to involve deeply in organizing the conference event on-site, and experience how things are done. I was able to get a first hand experience and have a different perspective as I have never been in the other side of the table. I was always a participant. This 2nd of July, I also won a laptop in a lucky draw. It was interesting as I have never won any lucky draws before. :) Also all of the student volunteers received a beautiful elephant speaker.

Now it has Windows 10. I should probably install Ubuntu in a dual boot, or rather wipe Windows and install Ubuntu solely. But I am lazy to mess up with the computer yet. So letting it rest mostly. Currently I have 3 laptops for me, with the one that I am using - an HP with a dual boot of Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10, this new Asus with Windows 10, and my old one with Ubuntu 13.10 - if I remember correctly. Those days I was upgrading the OS for each Ubuntu releases. Now I like the stability and upgrading for only LTS.

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