Saturday, December 31, 2016

A few things that made my 2016 interesting..

Magnificent Vaduz
2016 was a different year compared to the previous. It had a large share of sad moments. This post discusses only the happy moments and the memories that make my 2016 interesting. The order is random and does not indicate the order of significance or importance.

1. A year-end vacation after a long time.
Winter in 3 countries - Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein!

2. New year's eve in Zurich. 
Eating all the street food and high calories! It was also my first time outside Lisboa for the new year's eve, since 2012.

3. Playing with snow in Malbun, Liechtenstein. 
It is after more than 3 years!

4. Summer in the Bahamas.
That was a long weekend in Nassau. Blue beaches - private and public ones. Reminding Maldives 2015.

5. An extended internship at Emory University.
It was a productive one. Walks in Atlanta were remarkable too.

6. ICWS 2016 in San Francisco
My best conference experience so far!

7. Berlin, presenting 3 papers at IC2E 2016
Berlin has become my most favourite city that I haven't lived in yet! My first (and only, so far) doctoral symposium too.

8. CoopIS 2016 in Rhodes
A beautiful Greek island. It was still sunny and pleasant in the autumn.

9. A long walk all over the historic village of Kostrzyn/Küstrin in Poland.
Crossing the border of Germany and Poland!

10. Relaxing weekend in Viseu
A romantic town in Portugal, set in the Christmas mood.

Daily and nightly walks and restaurant crawls.

12. Winning a new laptop.

Feeling lucky! 

13. AMIA-CRI 2016 San Francisco
A podium abstract presentation and a poster presentation. My first poster, and also first time in a medical conference.

14. EMJD-DC Spring Event in Costa da Caparica.
Visiting from Atlanta! A long travel.

15. Finishing touches of Atlanta.
First time selling stuff, and donating things in bulk.

16. Foggy Vaduz castle.
 Liechtenstein is a cute little country!

An early morning train ride and walk.

18. Snowy white trees of Uetliberg, Switzerland.
Cold, but pleasant.

19. Return to Lisboa
An intermediate era waiting for my move to Belgium early next year.

20. Cooking innovations
Thanks to the YDFM (Your Dekalb Farmers Market), which offered variety of food products and vegetables at a cheap price, from all over the world.

21. Birthday in the sky.
Not sure where exactly that was. Possibly in the skies of Russia. Since I was flying eastwards, the 00:00 must have shrunk somewhere in the timezone changes.

Second time to Shenzhen and also my second visit to Splendid China. Good memories.

23. Canon EOS M2.
Taking it everywhere I travel. :)

24. Naming the projects and papers.
It is fun, always.

Once more, after 3 years.

26. Applying for visas, after a long time!
To the US and Belgium. Not that I am a fan of visa applications.

27. Olaias metro station.
This is one of the most beautiful metro stations of Europe. This becomes our daily stop the last 3 months.

28. Feeling the heat of being a "senior PhD student".
I am in the middle of the third year. Means, 5 semesters gone. Only 3 remaining. Not a new student anymore.

29. Attending a number of conferences to present my papers.
Last year, I missed many due to clashes in schedules and visa issues. This year was better in that aspect.

30. Looking at the future
Awaiting an "intermediate year of 2017" with more migrations of PhD mobility, and a "final year of 2018", to graduate!

Thanks for reading my list till the end. If you are really interested, you may also read the blog posts on the previous years as well. Happy new year everyone. Hope 2017 will be more positive and bring us more happy news than 2016. I am also reaching the 30s in 2017. This makes 2016 my last complete year in 20s. Feeling old. :D

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