Saturday, December 31, 2016

New vs. old memories

View from the top, Üetliberg
We were considering spend the year end in Porto, a place that we visited in mid of 2013, after completing the first year of our MSc. It would have refreshed our memories from 3.5 years ago, as we did not visit the place lately. However, we changed the plan at the last moment to spend some time in Zurich and the neighbouring towns. It is a cold winter - yet not much snow remaining in Zurich except for Üetliberg. We hiked Üetliberg in a foggy morning!  Magnificent views. The trip was also a very cleverly planned one. Proud of myself. :P

This was the first new year we spent away from Lisboa. We were in Lisboa for each new year since the 2013 new year. 2017 is different. :) The last time we had a year end trip was in 2013 December (to Helsiki and Copenhagen). However, we had returned to Lisboa for the 2014 new year. This was a year end trip after 3 long years. Good memories.

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