Sunday, December 11, 2016

Travels in Portugal

Viseu is ready for Christmas!
I am in my 5th year in Portugal. Finished 2 years of MSc/EMDC, and 2 complete years of PhD/EMJD-DC - and currently in the 3rd year of my PhD with one semester almost complete. I can divide my stay in Portugal into multiple eras:

1) Arrival: The first semester of EMDC (arrival till end of 2012). I was waiting for my grant. Combined with new friends and new country, this was an exciting period.

2) Travels and Fun: The second semester of EMDC (first half of 2013). This was the period I was travelling around and enjoying Portugal. By end of this era, I returned to Sri Lanka, before going to Sweden to continue the 3rd semester of my MSc. I also visited Porto during this time.

3) The return: This is by far the longest period, starting from 2014 new year, my master thesis semester / the final semester of EMDC, and the first 2 years of EMJD-DC, my PhD. This period ended with my departure to the USA for my internship in Emory University, Atlanta.
Portugal was almost like my second home during this era, and I made numerous local and international travels during this time.
Among the local travels, remarkably, 

Another random trip to south: (Portimão: 12th - 13th, September 2015)

4) An intermediate era: This marked the end of 2016 and early 2017. A short stay in Portugal following my return from Atlanta and waiting for my departure to Belgium to continue the latter part of my PhD in my second university.

Among the local travels,

It is winter here and enjoying my 5th winter in Portugal.

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