Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Younger Siblings of GSoC

There is a younger version of GSoC aiming at school students (age 13 - 17). Format is different. It is more of a contest of several small tasks. I mentored once for Haiku OS. If you feel bored during the weekends now that the GSoC is over, consideer to apply to be an organization. ;)

and another interesting one that happens in October.
Open source is changing the world – one pull request at a time.(209 kB)

^ The format is simple. Organizations register with their github profile and tag a few issues as "Hacktoberfest". Then students can pick up and resolve those issues with PRs. The student who completed 4 PRs receive a tshirt.

and a December version of it -
24 Pull Requests is a yearly initiative to encourage contributors around the world to send 24 pull requests between December 1st and December 24th.(44 kB)

.. and if you want to give yourself or someone else a certificate, here is the tool that Google/GSoC uses -
An experimental tool for turning HTML templates into PDF files.
<|google/certificate-maker>google/certificate-maker | Jan 30th | Added by GitHub

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