Sunday, December 15, 2019

Data Services with Bindaas: RESTful Interfaces for Diverse Data Sources

Dec 11th, 2019: Today I presented my first conference paper from my Postdoc at IEEE big data 2019 conference held in Big Data 2019. It was fun listening to various talks and networking with several researchers from all across the world.

Abstract: The diversity of data management systems affords developers the luxury of building heterogeneous architectures to address the unique needs of big data. It allows one to mix-n-match systems that can store, query, update, and process data based on specific use cases. However, this heterogeneity brings with it the burden of developing custom interfaces for each data management system. Existing big data frameworks fall short in mitigating these challenges imposed. In this paper, we present Bindaas, a secure and extensible big data middleware that offers uniform access to diverse data sources. By providing a RESTful web service interface to the data sources, Bindaas exposes query, update, store, and delete functionality of the data sources as data service APIs, while providing turn-key support for standard operations involving access control and audit-trails. The research community has deployed Bindaas in various production environments in healthcare. Our evaluations highlight the efficiency of Bindaas in serving concurrent requests to data source instances with minimal overheads.

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