Monday, December 2, 2019

Those who ruin the flights for others

Batu Caves Murugan
Recently we visited Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur and Batu Caves, to be precise. Batu Caves temple reminded our visit to Kathirgamam in Sri Lanka. However, my memories of Kathirgamam are vague and fading, since I was only 5 - 6 years old when we visited Kathirgamam twice.

Since Atlanta is far from Kuala Lumpur, I also had a long return flight to Kuala Lumpur via Doha. Usually, I watch a lot of movies on the flights. But this time, I decided to watch just 2 movies during the entire journey (to and from).

In any economy class, there are 3 (or 4, if you sit in a middle seat) people who can ruin your flight. First, the person who sits in the seat behind you unless you sit in the last row. Second, the person who sits in front of you, unless you sit in the exit row or the first row in the block. Finally, the person(s) who sit(s) next to you.

The person who sits behind you has the potential to ruin your journey entirely. They can kick your seat non-stop. Some people do not realize how weak the economy class seat is. If you put your feet on the seat tray, or if you just constantly jerk it, the movements entirely affect the seat in front of you. It gives headaches. Please don't do that. Infants have the habit of kicking. If possible, make sure their feet are not directed towards the seat in front of them.

Second, the person who sits in front of you. They may recline their seat any time, giving your knee a sudden jerk. Some idiots choose to do that while the meals are served, making you spill your food or drink on you. I usually avoid reclining my seat (except maybe by a negligible degree). One exception: if you are in the seat behind me and continue to kick or jerk my seat, I WILL recline my seat to the fullest.

Finally, the person who sits next to you. They may occupy your seat area, lean on you and sleep, or cross their leg and touch you with their shoe or smelly socks. There was a time I was sandwiched in a middle seat with people on either side (window and aisle seats) occupying both hand rests. People, please give that armrest to the middleseater! On the other hand, once in a flight, as always, I let the middle-seat person use the entire armrest. But after a few minutes, I noticed I was being pushed to a corner. Then I found that that person has folded the armrest so that they can invade my space! Of course, I agree that they are a big person. However, it is NOT okay. I instantly put the armrest down back in its place, effectively cutting the huge person's belly which was invading my space by 25%. The person realized their mistake and retracted.

I wish everyone tries to be mindful of the surroundings and the neighbors. This will make our economy class flight experience much better.

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