Sunday, February 16, 2020

Getting an SSSS

In Singapore
SSSS refers to "Secondary Security Screening Selection". It is supposed to be "random". But I continue to get it. In January, I got an SSSS while flying back from Colombo to Atlanta, via Dubai and London. This time, also when flying back from Singapore via Doha.

This time, it was just a swap on my hand and I was good to go. It was only in Doha. I did not have any additional measures in Singapore. 

But, when I flew from Colombo to Atlanta via Sri Lankan Airlines and British Airways, the Sri Lankan airlines managed to give me flight tickets only until Dubai (the first of the 3 legs). Then British Airways in Dubai gave me only the second leg, until London. In London, they took me and several others downstairs for additional checks. Basically, they went through each and every pocket of my hand luggage and also swapped my shoes (after removing). But the silver lining was, I got to board earlier together with the first-class dudes. I was the third to board even. British Airways and London LHR Airport are my least favorites ones in Europe anyway.

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