Monday, February 24, 2020

[GSoC] I am new here.. Help urgently.

Most of the time these questions come from students who are new to the organization, or open-source as a whole.

My suggestions:

Join the relevant communication channel/medium for your project. 

It is not necessary to post "I am X from Y. I am interested in caMicroscope". It is obvious that this is why you are here.

Read the project description and then ask specific questions if needed, with your interpretations. 

For most GSoC projects, the descriptions are often intentionally left somewhat "vague", not to hinder the students' creativity in building the solution and in the project proposals.

Please also do not abuse the Slack by overusing the tag features such as @here or @mentors_name. Someone will reply to you eventually. No need to ring the bell too quick, too often.

Also, always make sure to read the previous discussions on the channel. That will help with avoiding repeated questions while giving you the answers quickly.

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