Saturday, August 29, 2020

Pandemic Atlanta Lockdown - Week 24

Malibu Summer Rose

I was busy with two conferences this week - SigKDD and EuroPar. That also means, my week was different from the regular.

I can remember things when I am drunk. My behavior doesn't change with alcohol. Not sure whether it is good or bad. I got only drunk twice outside my home. It is funny how these moments make a good memory.

The first time, Barcelona (2013) Bar and club crawl. Lost count of the shots. My bestie sensed I was slightly unstable, grabbed my last shot glass from my hand, spilled it to the ground in the bar, and told me, "Enough" (He was drinking as much as me - but he had a higher tolerance then).  I was waiting outside for a few minutes after I went out of the bar to vomit in the street corner. I couldn't bother to find the bathroom in the bar. My friend came outside to ask whether I am doing ok. I told him I vomited, and now I am ok. Then we (I guess, maybe 6 out of 17 - 20 of the original group that we were with) decided to go back to the hotel.

I went out and vomited instantly.

The second time was in San Francisco (2016) on a cruise in a conference dinner. We were student volunteers. The professor in charge had given us the drink tickets and said, "you can have as many you want." I drank maybe 8 or 9 drinks. Somehow my friends (the other student volunteers) lost me when the boat landed (I thought so - they later told me I left before them). I walked alone for 30 - 40 mins straight to the hotel using my memory - because I know I was too drunk to call an Uber and interact with a human. I judged that walking drunk is safer than an Uber (and a potential to vomit inside the Uber). I safely arrived at the hotel and fell asleep instantly after removing my shoes.

I don't get drunk as often. So when I do, my memories are vivid. Other times I drank outside my home, never reached that level at all. First, drinks outside are expensive (unless I buy bottles - which I sometimes did), unlike me stocking hard liquor at home and drinking. Second, we never had alcoholics in our bunch (usually international students). Most of us were doing one or more of the below: partying, trying to find relationships/romance/..., and exploring the new countries and cultures. Getting hard-core drunk was not anyone's goal. We were mild at our parties.

During the pandemic era, I got drunk home alone twice (and perhaps drunk more than what I am used to when I go out - as usually it is just one or two beer or cocktail - the cocktails outside are watered down with too much ice too). In any case, I know when I am getting drunk. So I stop before that.

Next weekend is a long weekend. I am looking forward to it.

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