Thursday, August 20, 2009

Post-GSoC2009 Era

I was glad to hear that my branch will be merged to the trunk soon, enabling Unicode for Windows. September 15th, Abiword 2.8 will be released. It seems, Abiword 3.x series will come soon, hopefully. I am currently having a handful of patches to commit to my branch, and fine-tuning them before committing.

Arabic testing was really useful to me. English testing was obviously not useful, since I am dealing with Unicode characters. Croatian testing gave me some hints fixing Cyrillic text bugs. Tamil testing was having some issues, as ta-IN localization is still half-completed, and hence producing English dialog boxes. Arabic was amazing with its RTL text. Arabic is 99% localized. So it pointed me all the bugs and omissions in the port.

After committing the fixes to all the known issues, I will stay with my branch awaiting the merge. :)

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