Thursday, August 6, 2009

Design Constraints : Mooshabaya

August 6th [WSO2/Denis, Pradeeban, and Supun] : Discussion on the design constraints of Mooshabaya : [10 a.m - 11 a.m]
Security: MyProxy is currently used in XBaya. WSO2 Identity Server will be used in Mooshabaya, where OpenID will be provided to ensure the security. Users from Registry will be initially added, where in the later stage of the development, WSO2 identity server will be merged with WSO2 Registry to provide users with secure access.

XSUL: Currently the Jython Scripts and possibly the other code segments depend on XSUL libraries. Since XSUL is obsolete and substituted with its better alternative Axis2, we will consider adding the Axis2 libs and avoid XSUL code segments in the coding. Later we will consider removing the XSUL dependencies altogether from the Mooshabaya code base.

GFac: Gfac is used, as when it is used to host the descriptive language script (similar to wsdl, but with the business logic and further data, possibly), the services can be used, even without running them. This will reduce the overhead of running each of the service, otherwise. This GFac integration scenario into XBaya also will be considered on a later stage of development.

Operating System: XBaya runs on windows, Linux, and Unix variants, while some other Extreme! Labs components run only in Linux and Unix variants. Mooshabaya will [hopefully] run in Windows, Linux, and Unix environments.

The current interface which has two implementations which are used to export the workflows as Jython Scripts and BPEL. Initially we will implement the Mashup Generator parallel to these two implementation, where finally the Mashup Generator code will be used to depict the workflows, in Mooshabaya.

These meeting entries are also listed here, in Moodle.

Supervised By:
Mrs. Vishaka Nanayakkara
Dr. Srinath Perera
Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana

Group Members:
De Alwis, K.D.B.C. 060081B
Malinga, A.S. 060286H
Pradeeban, K. 060372T
Weerasiri, W.A.D.D. 060527B

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