Monday, August 17, 2009

GSoC - Firm Pencils Down Date

Today is the firm pencils down date, and I just completed the evaluations. Arabic, Tamil, and Croatian were used in testing. Arabic testing was really cool, which pointed me the bugs, being a unicode only - BiDi text (Arabic/English). Of course, we will continue as committors to Abiword, working with our projects.

The student - mentor map for Abiword can be found here.
My SVN branch can be found here.
My important commits are listed here.
My Student Project Page in Google.
Bug 10616, Bug 1625, and some more are fixed now, in my branch.
Most of these bugs will be fixed after the merge of the branch.


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  2. I believe you will like Abiword even more with its upcoming release 2.8, with loads of upgrades and bug fixes.


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