Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer of Codes - Wrapping up

Google Summer of Codes 2009 is reaching its finishing touches. I should thank Google for organizing the event and Abiword for mentoring me. 'Porting Abiword for windows to Unicode', is my project. My focus was, in simpler terms, to provide an Arabic [Unicode] Abiword in Windows. I mean, my testing language was Arabic, thanks to the fact, it is good for the testing of BIDI text.

My mentor dom, the administrator hub, cross-building robsta, the MSVC abicollab and Abiword releases uwog, Windows maintainer sum1, ryanp with documentation and plugins, and msevior... I have to thank these developers for the support they were providing to me and the other participants. A wonderful job, they are doing, at Abiword. By providing a friendly, yet challenging learning environment, Abiword enables us extending our commitment to Abiword.

The Abiword development will not complete with this GSoC - All the successful Abiword students will continue being Abiword Commitors. The next mile stone release 2.8 is the major focus now. Later the SoC codes will be merged from trunk and further modifications will be done. Finally before the merge to the trunk, a merge from trunk to the branch will happen once more to our SoC branches.

It should however be noted, we all prefer not Windows, but FOSS Operating systems (or more specifically, Linux). As a 'cute' word processor, Abiword runs everywhere, literally. So we still feel free to develop for Windows and Mac, when it comes for Abiword. FOSS will rule the world.

"Abiword -- It's cute."


  1. Abiword is an award winning cross-platform word processor. I spent my Google summer of codes 2009, porting Abiword/Windows to Unicode. I have also discussed about my project in my earlier blogs.


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