Monday, March 15, 2010

Fortnight Reports and Presentations

Fortnight Reports depicting my progress on our Mooshabaya Project can be found below.
Fortnight Reports: FNR17, FNR16, FNR15, FNR14, FNR13, FNR12, FNR11, FNR10, FNR9, FNR8, FNR7,FNR6, FNR5, FNR4, FNR3, FNR2, FNR1

First Formal Presentation
: 30/10/2009. Evaluated by Mr.Shantha Fernando. [83/100]
Second Formal Presentation / Viva: [Evaluation of the report and progress]: 10/12/2009. Evaluated by Mr.Shantha Fernando. [90/100]
Draft Report [75/100]
Third Formal Presentation: 24/03/2010. Evaluated by Mr.Shantha Fernando. [78/100]

Overall view of Mooshabaya

References - Mozilla Rhino Host Object
[1] Writing a Custom Host Object
[2] Tutorial: Embedding Rhino
[3] File Host Object

* Special thanks to JetBrains for providing the Open Source License for the Mooshabaya Project; Open Source License concept makes IDEA more FOSS-friendly.

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