Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Windows Security alert on Ubuntu OS!

I was checking out some cites while preparing for the upcoming ICT seminar of 06CSE that to be held in Jaffna. Suddenly a pop up took me to the site freescanreveals.org. The site was showing a nice screenshot of 'my computer' showing the list of affected files, repeatedly prompting me to install the anti-virus to cure the virus attack. Funny! It has faked a Windows XP OS nicely on my Ubuntu 9.10. [ROFL]
Anyway the fake messagebox was so real that can scare any of the windows operating system user by using "System Security Antivirus" messages. It was a loop, so I had to forcefully shutdown the browser. Finally I confirmed from Spamhaus that freescanreveals.org is a reported attack-site posing as providing an anti-virus software.
Please make sure your virus identifies my operating system and acts accordingly.

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