Monday, March 22, 2010

Set your Vacation responder OFF

Gladly opened the reply I got for the mailing list to check whether I got what I needed. "Out of office from 19  of March until 5 of April 2010. Back on April, 6th.", someone's vacation responder has mailed me. Too sad to see these vacation responders not being smart enough to differentiate the personal mails from the mails received from the mailing lists. Without knowing what he does, that man is spamming each and everyone one who is sending a mail to the mailing list.

Another annoyance is 'unsubscribe' mail flood. If you want to unsubscribe from a mailing list, mostly you should send a mail to -user-request@ or -dev-request with the word unsubscribe in the message body, or a blank message to -user-unsubscribe@ or -dev-unsubscribe@ depending on the particular list's settings. NOT a mail with the body and/or header 'unsubscribe' to the user/dev list itself. This piece of information is mostly provided as a footer with each mail, still people continue making the same mistake.

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