Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[GSoC 2010] Alternative Presentation Layer for OGSA-DAI

Having the vision of sharing data resources to enable collaboration, Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration (OGSA-DAI) provides access, transformation, integration, and delivery of data. It supports Apache Axis 1.4 and Globus Toolkit (gt-4.2), available to download for both the two platforms.
Under Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute (OMII-UK), an alternative presentation layer using Apache CXF instead of the outdated Axis which is currently used, is discussed as a project for Google Summer of Codes 2010, which I found very interesting for this summer.  

Project Proposal

Project Mentor: Ally Hume

OGSA-DAI has a layered architecture consists of the data layer, business logic layer, presentation layer, and client layer, when considering the architecture in bottom-up. Presentation layer encapsulates the required functionalities to expose the data service resources using the web service interfaces. Presentation layer currently consists of two realization, where each of them have  a WSDL that describes the interface. 

Both the realizations are compliant with Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF), and communicate with the respective client stubs using SOAP over HTTP. Hence design and implementation of an alternative RESTful presentation layer using CXF JAX-RS (The Java API for RESTful Web Services) is also included in this project, as it will be lightweight and best for bespoke clients.

This seems an interesting initiative as the performance and the simplicity will be highly improved. I have seen reasonable comparison of Axis 2 and CXF [1], [2], though they must be outdated by this time.

[1] Technical Notes on OGSA-DAI
[2] Resource on writing a presentation layer
[3] OGSA-DAI Tutorial
[4] FAQ: OGSA-DAI WSI-specific (Based on Axis 1.4 web service stack)
[5] FAQ: OGSA-DAI WSRF-specific (Based on the globus toolkit)
[6] General FAQ
[7] Known Problems
[8] Binary Transfer Benchmarks 
[9] GSoC 2010 Announcement in OGSA-DAI blog
[10] Google Summer of Code 2010 site

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