Monday, November 15, 2010

Stratos - 1.0.0 ~ Sky is not a limit for the cloud!

Last couple of days WSO2 team was energized in shaping up the most powerful PaaS (Platform as a Service) it has to offer. Stratos is a complete middleware platform as a service. Standing as the backbone of WSO2 Stratos, WSO2 Carbon is a complete SOA middleware platform. Stratos - 1.0.0 was released today and it has become yet another impressive and creative piece of work from WSO2.
For the last couple of weeks both the Stratos team lead by Azeez and Shankar and the QA team lead by Charitha were in action shaping up the young Stratos.  Not just the Stratos team, but the entire team of WSO2 was there for Stratos. I'd say nightly coding is stylish. You would love it, if you give it a try in a perfect environment for coding. After the hackathon and war modes, Stratos team has got to celebrate it. It was a nice experience being at WSO2, when the Stratos 1.0.0 was deployed for public, replacing its predecessor stratos-alpha. It was like Dec 31st Night, and it worthed the celebration!

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Download Stratos from here.

Stratos Community and Product home.

Samisa's post on Stratos explains why is Stratos so special.

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