Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dropbox Error in Ubuntu 10.04

I have been using Dropbox to store my documents safe over online, syncing with my local file system (Ubuntu 10.04 Operating System - 32 bit). Recently it stopped initializing during the startup, where it was working perfectly earlier times. The error message stated, "Couldn't start Dropbox - This is usually because of a permission errors. Errors can also be caused by your home folder being stored on a network share. Please contact support with the following information for more help: /tmp/dropbox_error3aMj4F.txt"

So I opened the file, 
pid:    2283
ppid:    2261
uid:    1000
user_info:    ('pradeeban', 'x', 1000, 1000, 'pradeeban,,,,', '/home/pradeeban', '/bin/bash')
effective_user_info:    ('pradeeban', 'x', 1000, 1000, 'pradeeban,,,,', '/home/pradeeban', '/bin/bash')
euid:    1000
gid:    1000
egid:    1000
group_info:    ('pradeeban', 'x', 1000, [])
effective_group_info:    ('pradeeban', 'x', 1000, [])
appdata:    u'/home/pradeeban/.dropbox'
    mode=040755    uid=1000    gid=1000
parent    mode=040755    uid=1000    gid=1000
dropbox_path:    u'/home/pradeeban/Dropbox'
    mode=040755    uid=1000    gid=1000
parent    mode=040755    uid=1000    gid=1000
HOME:    /home/pradeeban
tempdir:    '/tmp'
    mode=041777    uid=0    gid=0
parent    mode=040755    uid=0    gid=0
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 699, in main_startup
  File "", line 419, in run
AssertionError: Wrong build of Dropbox (9 vs 14 needed)

Googling the last 3 lines gave me the solution.
pradeeban@pradeeban-laptop:~$ dropbox stop
Dropbox isn't running!
pradeeban@pradeeban-laptop:~$ dropbox status # Should report "not running"
Dropbox isn't running!
pradeeban@pradeeban-laptop:~$ rm -r ~/.dropbox-dist/
pradeeban@pradeeban-laptop:~$ dropbox start -i
Starting Dropbox...
Dropbox started initializing fine during the start-up and also worked perfectly after that.

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