Saturday, April 30, 2011

[Facebook] Identifying the profile from the shared image link

Image 1 - Below an image in Facebook
It is always possible to get the source address from the images shared over facebook and use it elsewhere over the web, as an image content by giving the link.

Getting the link from the "Download" option:

Use the image link ( as an image source.

Regardless of your privacy settings, once the link is exposed, anyone over the Internet can access the image directly and download it!
One of my friends asked, how to get the Facebook profile of the original owner from the facebook image shared over a website.

So here comes the way.
  • We get the source location of the shared image.
  • Image URL is in the form of https://...../35861_409992913465_705563465_4274416_6899149_n.jpg
  • Take the 3rd block of the numeric value from the right.
  • In this case, it is 705563465.
  • https://...../xxx_xxx_705563465_xxx_xxx_n.jpg
  • So 705563465 will be the facebook profile id of the original owner of the image.
  • Image 2 - An Image from facebook
  • Now by appending the profile id to you can view the profile. So in this case, it is
\yay/ You have found the person behind that face! :P
    Apologies if this post sounds silly and obvious. Thought it may be useful for some others as well.

    P.S: The images and the facebook profile used in this post are mine, and neither copyright nor privacy is infringed by this post.

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