Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winning the customers' hearts and more ..

Last year I tweeted once on LOFT's effective and proactive response to the customer feedback over the Internet. Let me summarize the LOFT story for the completeness. LOFT specialize in clothes for women, through their stores and through their online marketing. 

Customer-Oriented Marketing
They had announced a new jeans, and posted photos of a few models wearing their new jeans model over their facebook fan page. But users were not much satisfied, and their comments were mostly negative pointing out the fact that the new models of the jeans will not suit the public, except for the *models*. As a response, LOFT asked its team members to appear in the new model of the jeans, and posted their own team members wearing the jeans as a facebook album. This immediate response grabbed the attention of many customers, and it gave a tremendous amount of customer trust and recognition for the particular jeans model. Feel free to go through their fan page or twitter page if you want to know more about this famous story.

Young and Energetic Teafe
This time, I have a similar customer satisfaction related experience, and fascinatingly it is from a very young mini-cafe (exactly 3 months old when we visited them - 27th of March, 2011). We were on a short trip to India to attend a conference, and had to stay at Indiranagar, Bangalore for a day. So during the morning walk, we noticed a small cafe on the road side of 100 ft road.

Creative and Unique
First thing which grabbed my attention was the name "Chaipatty 'Teafe'".They mention they are dedicated to tea cafe (and hence the name Teafe). The seats were showing the Indian tradition. The cafe -- oops, sorry -- teafe, was also full of fancy items and brands making it possible to have a mini shopping while sipping the tea or a milk shake.

Friendly and Proactive
The teafe members were really friendly. They are interested in getting the customer feedback too. One more interesting thing was their Facebook page. I did notice that they have written down their facebook page address on a white board at teafe, but I didn't expect the page to be such professional, with proper photos those will speak vigorously than any advertising media. Just do a google search 'Teafe', and you will get the Teafe's facebook page as the first hit. One thing they missed was the domain - is not theirs.

Win-Win and Customer Loyalty
Pay a visit to the Teafe's facebook page, and you will realize it yourself. I have visited it only once. So please feel free to correct me if I have mistaken any facts here. Earning a loyal customer is a win-win for an organization. I am pretty sure Teafe plays the correct game in this. I hope to visit Teafe once more, if I get a chance to visit Bangalore again. I would also recommend anyone at Bangalore to have a visit too. :)


  1. Thanks for the mention Pradeeban.. I am sure looking forward to meeting you again the next time you are here...

  2. Sure, I too hope so..

    Thank you.

  3. Still awaiting you and showing you our new look plus extensions 😊

  4. Hi Chirag,
    I have witnessed your growth over the past 3.5 years over the Facebook. When I visited you guys in 2011, I expected a rapid growth of Teafe. Happy that my expectations coming true. Will surely visit you guys when I visit Bangalore again.



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