Saturday, April 23, 2011

how to ignore someone you love

Lately many stupid* people have started to click unknown links over the facebook. Finally they ended up ..
1) Liking very ugly videos and sharing them over their newsfeed to their friends. - Actually those are not videos. They are applications that pose like videos. Once you click the link hoping to have some fun with that *video* clip, everyone will know that you have tried to watch that creepy thing. If you want to have a look at a video clip, use Youtube [Youtube and Facebook - both have a censor policy]. Don't click random links over the facebook. Your online identity matters.

2) Worse - Once you click the spam link, it will spam your innocent friends. If they too are stupid, they will click the link too, eventually spamming everyone over the facebook.

Currently, the hottest spam is, {someone} invited you to the event "How to see who viewed your profile!!". So it comes in the format of the event. All who clicks the link in the event will get affected, and spam their friends by inviting their friends to that spamming event without knowing they are doing so.
Pls pls plsssssss stop these stupid invitations.. If I ever visit your profile, I never forget to leave at least one comment or a like.. so don't send me invitations to "How to see who viewed your profile!!" - So far 71 invitations.. :'( I don't care who viewed my profile.. :'(
 Apart from everyone preaching about these spam, still people are being stupid and are clicking those stupid links and spamming others.

I never remove the fakes, ignorant people or the rude people from my friend list, once they got into my friends list in facebook. The rationale is, the real world too is full of fake people as well as the rude people. So I don't want to fake a nicer world in my facebook by removing them. Thus my facebook profile is more natural.

Finally I decided to temporarily ban everyone from inviting me to any event. But I couldn't figure out how to do that. So I tried to get some help from Google. I started typing, *how to ign* to get some idea on how to ignore the facebook event invitations. 

Have a look at the Google's suggestions -- *how to ignore someone you love*. Seems people are actively finding ways to ignore someone whom they love! World is so weird!


  1. hehe...nice post. & please tell me if you find the method ;) I mean, method to ignore those invitations.

  2. Hi akka,
    Seems ignoring those invitations is harder.. ;) Will let you know, if I find a nice way.. :) Thank you..


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