Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Guide to Commenting on the Blog Posts

Number of spam comments on my blog posts is on the rise these days. However, since the comments are moderated, these spam comments never see the light of the day. I just delete them. This waste my time as well as the time of the spammer, assuming no bot is deployed for commenting as sign-in is required for commenting. Automated commenting would trigger the Blogger captcha which is pretty effective in filtering bots, I assume.

Here is a guide on which is accepted and which is not, as a comment.

1. A long and relevant comment - Accepted.

2. A short comment such as "Nice post", "Thanks" - Accepted.

3. A set of random links - NOT Accepted. Isn't it obvious, after all?

4. A short comment followed by a link to your shitty home page - NOT Accepted. Obviously you just wanted to post the link to your shitty site. Just do not pretend.

5. A long shitty comment followed by a link to a shitty web site - NOT Accepted. Why? See #4 for the reason.

6. A long relevant comment followed by a link to your shitty home page - Accepted. After all you have shared some useful information.

7. A long comment followed by a link to your shitty home page - Depends on the blog administrator's decision based on the contribution of the comment vs. the shittiness of your web site.

8. A random useless comment - Depends.

9. A short/long comment that disagrees with the view point of the original post - Accepted. Comments are there for positive or negative feedback.

10. A random comment followed by a link to a random site - Not Accepted. If you want to advertise in the blog, just contact the blog administrator. Posting random links in the comment section will do no good for you.

11. A well-structured comment followed by a very relevant link - May be accepted. If the link is really relevant, it should be fine. However, if you are just attempting to advertise your own web site, it is better to communicate to the blog administrator than writing it down as a comment.

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