Monday, November 30, 2015

Memories of 2013

The pair of train tickets to Porto, from Lisboa
This year resembled 2013 in many ways. I visited Stockholm again after 2013. Similarly, I also returned to Sri Lanka, 2 years after my last visit in 2013. This time during my visit to Colombo, I was taking a few of my clothes back with me to Portugal since I could not take them with me at the last moment in 2013 to Stockholm from Colombo, as at the Colombo airport the Qatar Airways staff was too strict in the luggage allowance.

Going through my things untouched for a long time brought back some old memories. Among them was a pair of train tickets I found in a pocket in one of my winter suits. Those were the train tickets to Porto Campanha train station from  Lisboa Oriente. I have been to Porto only once, that was in 2013. Porto is a beautiful city. But for some unknown reason, I did not go there once more after 2013.

I had come back to Lisbon from Porto just 2 days before my departure to Colombo, completing my first half of EMDC in Lisbon. It was all good and sad memories, leaving Lisbon. Little did I know that I will in fact spend many more years in Portugal, that time. Right now, I am continuing the second year of my PhD in Lisbon, the 4th year of my stay in Portugal.

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